The classic reaction from grooms-to-be is that they “don’t need/want photos of them getting ready”, as suits take all of 0.31 seconds to put on. Let me convince you otherwise, that photos with your boys will be some of your favourite memories of the day.

Before you get all suited up, you’ll probably be sitting around in comfy clothes, quietly freaking out about the day ahead. The last thing you’d want is a photographer there capturing you, right?

WRONG! With the right photographer, these moments before you marry the love of your life are some of the most beautiful moments you’ll have during the day. You’ll have your closest mates around you to make it fun, to calm your nerves, to pump you up, to share the experience with. The rest of the day tends to fly by, but these moments are all about your mates supporting you as you begin a truly exciting chapter of your life. In 50 years, when you’ve all got kids and are living your own lives, you’ll appreciate these photos more than ever. I’ve never had a groom regret getting me to come capture this part of the day. These are some of my favourites.