I have the BEST couples. Couples that love adventure, that love exploring, that love finding beauty, that love each others’ company more than anything else. Couples that are willing to go off the beaten track to find beautiful photo opportunities with me. I’m going to give you this photographer’s top three tips to not just get great wedding photos, but actually ENJOY the experience!


1. Be prepared to get a bit dirty.
A bit of dirt along the bottom of your dress is a beautiful symbol of adventure, fun, and playfulness. As you spend the most magical first hour of married life together, wherever we go, let nothing detract from the giddy excitement of newlywed-ness. So hitch that dress up, and let’s leg it into somewhere beautiful!
Also, GUMBOOTS. I love them! If you plan to go anywhere that could be a bit muddy, or if your heels won’t quite cut it on the bush track, chuck some gumboots in the boot of my car and we can get them out whenever we need them. Katie (above right) had a ripper pair at her wedding, and they certainly came in handy!


2. Make it personal; go somewhere meaningful. 
If you’re like Jake and Emma (above), and you fancy a few cups of the best mid-shoot from your fave local, Coffee Cartel, then do it! If you’re like Alice and Sam (below) and you want to get some ridiculously awesome shots at sunset at the exact place where you first laid eyes on each other, then do so. Let your photographer know these personal things, and you’ll get killer shots that are as visually beautiful as they are meaningful.


3.For the most part, ignore your photographer. Focus on your partner, not on the camera.
This is normally the first thing I’ll say right at the start of the day; I’m surprisingly to ignore, at 195cm tall, but you don’t need to look at the camera unless I ask you to. Be immersed in whatever it is you’re doing, let your guard down a bit and you’ll be rewarded with personal photos that represent your unique day.


So there you have it, folks! My top tips on enjoying the portrait experience. Check out some of my legendary couples over on my Galleries page.

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