I absolutely love sharing your digital wedding photos with you (I also love to hear how much you love them!). As an addition to the digital photos, I believe that wedding albums are a fantastic way to represent your photos in physical form.

I always provide a few prints in the delivery box when it is posted out to you, as I believe it’s super special to hold the pictures and really connect with the incredible digital content you’re about to view.

I strongly encourage all my couples to consider an album. I distinctly remember looking through my mum and dad’s wedding album when I was younger, and feeling the weight of the paper and photos with each turn of the page. It just added a whole new level of connection to images which I had seen digitally before (scanned copies).

With my ‘The Works’ package, albums are an additional $800 investment. Albums purchased after the wedding go up to $1,200. I recently had a couple ask me why it went up in cost, and the best way I can explain this it is ‘time management during peak periods’. If I know that a couple has ordered an album, I can organise my time to meet all deadlines easily. If a past couple decides to order an album post-wedding (which is still a fantastic choice), it will mean I have an extra bunch of hours work to do in that week after meeting my other deadlines, so it just means that I have an increased workload when I wasn’t expecting it, and probably would not get a day off in that week. So, that’s why I incentivise ordering an album pre-wedding. It just helps me (attempt) to maintain some kind of a work-life balance. The actual albums are of a super-high quality that will last decades, and they are made entirely in Australia.

Below are some images and a video from my sample album. If you’re keen to check it out for yourself, feel free to organise a meeting with me to go through your options and see how I can help you represent your amazing photos in an album.



Venue: Terindah Estate